Unique properties

Decorative Anti-Carbonation, Anti-Graffiti and Hydrophobic Coating in One Coat

Achieving durable concrete infrastructure coatings in the past has been troublesome due to the high, varying surface porosity of concrete and a difficulty in achieving a strong, even bond. These features have traditionally required primers to reduce overall paint consumption and achieve satisfactory bond strength. The normal practice is for a primer coat to be applied followed by two coats of an acrylic coating, allowing 16 hours between coats.

If anti-graffiti functionality is also required a further application of a 2K polyurethane is required 7 days after the last coat of acrylic. This process is time-consuming and labour intensive.

In the case of infrastructure such as painting bridges and tunnels, traffic control is needed which is expensive. The ProGuard concrete cancer prevention and infrastructure coating material overcomes these problems in a fast-to-apply single coat that also features hydrophobic functionality among other superior properties. ProGuard for concrete protection can be applied directly to dry or damp surfaces in just one coat which results in more than 50% savings in labour, access equipment and, if required, traffic control compared to other decorative anti-carbonation / anti-graffiti paint systems where multiple coats and long cure times are required. Not only can painting contractors double their turnover, the construction company achieves painting specification under budget and in half the time.

The asset owner also benefits from a higher quality, more durable paint system with an effective concrete infrastructure coating with the additional bonus of a hydrophobic (self-cleaning) coating. In the case of graffiti removal, most tagged surfaces may be wiped clean with a sponge and an off-the-shelf citrus cleaner. For graffiti that is not fresh, we suggest lightly scrubbing with a nylon bristle brush after spraying the graffiti with a suitable cleaner and allowing it to penetrate and lift the graffiti from the surface prior to a high-pressure wash or cloth clean down. For more details Ph 021 15 15389