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With over thirteen years in the nanotechnology industry NanoKote are the world leaders

No other company comes close to NanoKote when it comes to years in the nanotechnology industry. With technology bases in Europe, the USA and Australia and a total of over 26 applications (and growing) we have a coating for almost any surface. Whether it it is concrete, glass, metals, ceramic or porous surfaces NanoKote has a coating that will increase its serviceable life and improve its appearance.

NanoKote’s coatings are used all around the world on everything from bridges, tunnels, buildings, glass facades, boats, trucks and other heavy machinery. Nanokote’s “one coat” system reduces costs significantly over traditional coatings by lowering labour, equipment and product costs.

Our Products

ProGuard is a direct to concrete one coat system. No undercoat is required so there are massive savings in labour, equipment hire, material costs, and in some instances traffic management costs. Available in any colour and UV stable for a minimum of 10 years. ProGuard can be applied in temperatures as low as 2c and on damp or wet surfaces. ProGuard also has anti-graffiti properties which allows for graffiti to be removed using cold water and a citrus based cleaner.

Metal coatings

NANOKOTE has coatings formulated for any sort of metal including PRIMOSHIELD for polished stainless steel and polished alloys. PRIMOSHIELD is the only product currently available in the world that not only sticks to polished surfaces but also cures at ambient temperatures. It also resists fingerprints and smudges and has a very hard finish being rated a 9 on the pencil hardness scale which allows it to be resistant to scratches and chipping. It is UV stable for a minimum of 10 years and can withstand temperatures in excess of 850c . It also has anti-graffiti properties.

glass and ceramic coatings

Glass is such a versatile surface it can be used for virtually any function. It can be molded, tinted, toughened, frosted and can be used as shower screens, floors, rooftops, walls, mirrors, doors kitchen splash backs and more. Our glass surface and protection coating PrimoClear has easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint properties that enable manufacturers and processors to add value and up-sell their products. These bonus properties create an opportunity to command premium prices and a competitive advantage in the market place.

We also provide a Glass and Ceramic coating for domestic use.

graffiti protection/prevention

All of our coatings excluding the glass coatings can be provided with Anti-Graffiti properties. Graffiti is easily removed using just water and a citrus based cleaner which we can supply.

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“No matter what you need protecting, NanoKote has you covered”